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    Rogge: Preparations are 'truly impressive'
    The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will offer a great legacy for China, said Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee on Tuesday.

    Two Koreas to hold summit this month
    North and South Korea announced Wednesday that their leaders will hold their second-ever summit this month, reprising the historic 2000 meeting.

    Experts enrolled in decision making
    For four years, government leaders in Hengren County, have reserved seats for staff from the legal affairs office at their meetings.

    Disasters 'won't hit' grain output
    The devastating floods and drought will not affect the country's grain output, officials and experts said Tuesday, adding grain production is expected to remain stable.

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    PLA's 80th anniversary
    Remeber the history: July 7 Incident
    Hong Kong 10 Years: Fireworks

    China takes closer look at death penalties

    China issued a new decree on reviewing death penalty sentences, clarifying specific regulations in the legal procedure.

    Fight for the distressed fraught with frustrations

    They came from across the country with their power point presentations. Their aim was to get funds to make HIV/AIDS patients' life better and prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

    China spending $1 billion on food, drug safety

    China will spend more than $1 billion improving food and drug safety by 2010 and the regulator will be given stronger oversight powers

    Yuan closes weaker as dollar steadies

    China's yuan ended weaker against the dollar on Tuesday after the central bank set a lower mid-point for its exchange rate against the U.S. currency, which steadied after rallying on global markets.

    Debate over forced HIV tests rages on

    As HIV begins to spread from high-risk groups in China to the general public, massage parlor, nightclub, and hair salon workers are the focus of attention of health authorities in the prevention of AIDS.

    A visitor watches a teapot featuring an Olympic design in Yuzhou, Central China's Henan Province, August 7, 2007. Artisan He Wenqi produced the set of wares to commemorate the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games. [newsphoto]

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    A model poses with a Chery A5 at an exhibition in Shanghai. Chery Automobile signed a memorandum of understanding with Italy's Fiat to form a JV to make cars under both badges for the local market.[newsphoto]

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    Car replacements: the new rage
    The Chinese vehicle market has shifted in favor of replacements permanently, experts said.
    Tire trade in trouble
    AutoChina China Insurance
    Logistics China China Energy
    China Banking China Medicine
    Sub prime loan crises may affect some Chinese banks

    The latest US sub prime loan might affect Chinese banks, which had bought $107.5b US mortgage securities by the end of last June.

    China spends $1b improving food, drug safety

    China will spend more than $1 billion improving food and drug safety by 2010 and the regulator will be given stronger oversight powers.

    More foreign capital flows in property sector

    In the first half, realized foreign investment in the property sector accounted for 24.1% of the country's total used foreign capital.

    China to sign nuclear power pact with Areva

    China is expected to sign a deal with Areva, a French provider of technological solutions for nuclear power generation and transmission, on technology introduction.

    Northeast China to be revitalized for 4 industrial bases

    Northeast China, the country's aging industrial center, is to be the focus of a new development program making it the home of four industrial bases.

    $924m private equity funds pour into realty

    Singapore's Ascendas launched 2 China-focused private equity funds totaling $924m to invest in the country's property market.

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    Riding the bull is certainly not easy sport
    It's a record: 13 million yuan ($1.72 million) in 103 days. That won Wang Xiujie a sobriquet, too: "Big Brother Leader 777".
    Coca-Cola aims to make China its largest market
    This year marks the 80th anniversary of Coca-Cola's entry into China, now its fourth largest market.
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    Long-term RMB reform benefits China and US

    Will the US reap great benefit from a significant renminbi appreciation?

    Biz Life
    3 students killed in US schoolyard, clues scarce
    Security cameras failed to record the execution-style slayings of three college students in a schoolyard in Newark, N.J., so investigators are pleading for someone to step up with clues to the vicious crime.
    Georgia accuses Russia of firing missile at village
    Georgia accused Russia on Tuesday of violating its airspace and firing a missile at a village deep in its territory.
    South Africa welcomes developments in Darfur
    The South African government on Tuesday welcomed developments in the Darfur Peace Talks convened by the United Nations and African Union in Arusha, north Tanzania, from Friday to Monday.

    US troop levels in Iraq at all-time high
    US troop levels in Iraq have hit an all-time high with overlapping unit rotations pushing the total number up to nearly 162,000, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

    Space Shuttle Endeavour sits on launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida August 7, 2007 as the Rotating Service Structure is rolled back through a time lapse image.  [Reuters]

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    Yao Ming has no plan to have babies
    Newly married Chinese basketball star Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li are having no plan for the present to have babies.
    NBA Clippers' Brand undertakes Achilles surgery
    Los Angeles Clippers forward Elton Brand took surgery Tuesday to repair his ruptured left Achilles tendon, the National Basketball Association team said.

    Olympics - US expects China to challenge for top spot
    The United States expects China to challenge strongly for the top spot on the medals table at next year's Beijing Olympics despite efforts by Chinese officials to downplay their chances.

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    Girls stand on their hand for five minutes as part of a training session at the Gymnastics Hall of the Shanghai University of Sports August 7, 2007. [Reuters]

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    Preparations are 'truly impressive'
    The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will offer a great legacy for China, IOC president Jacques Rogge said on the eve of the one-year countdown to the Beijing Olympics.
    Beijing 2008: A test of good luck

    Hi-tech expected to guarantee success
    The results of new research will be applied to the Games, officials with the Ministry of Science and Technology said yesterday.

    On the Tian'anmen Square - by Confident Devil in July of 2007

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    We Are Ready
    The theme song for the Games' one-year countdown celebration was released Saturday. More than one hundred singers participated in the recording.

    The Olympian, a China Daily publication


    Release of Anna Nicole tape blocked

    A judge has issued a temporary restraining order that prevents the release of a 1994 videotape documenting a breast augmentation surgery for Anna Nicole Smith.

    It's what's on the inside that counts at lingerie awards

    It's the foundation of every woman's wardrobe, but lingerie designers, like their product, aren't as visible as their clothing designer counterparts.

    Jessica Parker confirms 'Sex and the City' film role

    Sarah Jessica Parker has confirmed that she will be part of the movie adaptation of the hit television series 'Sex and the City'.
    Hong Kong singer Andy Lau writes some words of encouragement to the Hong Kong athletes during a "One Year to Go" Olympic countdown event at a shopping mall in Hong Kong August 6, 2007. [Reuters]

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    Hot Pot Column
    My fantasy, covered in cheese dust
    Nearly every time I enter a neighborhood grocery store and pick up a shopping basket, I regret deciding again to cobble together a meal on my own.
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    Retreat to the mountainside this summer

    While summers are hot in the city, you can find some respite in the mountains. They offer rivers and trees that create cool retreat away from the unbearable heat. Here are some getaways to mountains near Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere.

    Dexterous hands
    Xing MU Handcraft specializes in goods made from natural materials, such as leather, wood, and paper.


    Italian exclusively
    Located on Yongjia Lu, EBFE plays host to an exclusive collection of Italian labels.

    While summers are hot in the city, you can find some respite in the mountains. They offer rivers and trees that create cool retreat away from the unbearable heat.

    Hip & New

    General-Travel-Culture-Survival Tips-Friendship,Love,Relationships-

    Eating out

    Hotpot can be cool

    For a change this hot pot "chills" you out! Colourful Hotpot is offering a specially selected series of hotpot dishes for the summer.

    Bars & Cafes

    Bubbling beer

    Hot summer puts up a stage for beers, and one of the best shows is on the bund.

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