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  • Xi: China to provide 1b more vaccine doses to Africa

    By XU WEI | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-11-29 20:07
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    President Xi Jinping on Monday evening attended and delivered a keynote speech (Full text) to the opening ceremony of the Eighth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation via video link in Beijing. Here are some highlights.

    On friendship

    - China will never forget African countries' profound friendship (Read more)

    - China, Africa set 'shining example' for new type of intl relations (Read more)

    - The spirit of China-Africa friendship and cooperation reflects the two sides' experience of sharing weal and woe and provides a source of strength for furthering China-Africa ties (Read more)

    On future plans

    - China will work closely with African countries to implement nine programs (Read more)

    - China will provide 1 billion more COVID vaccine doses to Africa (Read more)

    - China will send 500 experts, fund 10 projects on African poverty reduction, agriculture (Read more)

    - China will further increase the scope of products enjoying zero-tariff treatment for the least developed countries having diplomatic relations with China, in a bid to reach $300 billion in total imports from Africa in the next three years

    - China will provide $10 billion of trade finance to support African export

    - China will encourage its businesses to invest no less than $10 billion in Africa in the next three years

    - China will provide credit facilities of $10 billion to African financial institutions, support the development of African SMEs on a priority basis, and establish a China-Africa cross-border RMB center

    - China will exempt African least developed countries from debt incurred in the form of interest-free Chinese government loans due by the end of 2021

    - China is ready to channel to African countries $10 billion from its share of the IMF's new allocation of Special Drawing Rights

    - China will encourage Chinese companies in Africa to create at least 800,000 local jobs

    On building China-Africa community (Read more)

    - Fighting COVID-19 with solidarity

    - Deepening practical cooperation

    - Promoting green development

    - Upholding equity and justice

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